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If you are in the cannabis business whether a dispensary owner, product producer or services provider like us at Doja Marketing, you agree that your reputation online is by far the most important asset your business has. This is more important if you have any sort of personal branding or profile in your online and offline community. It is fair to say that any potential business partner, investor or government agency will vet you online at some point in your dealings. This can help or destroy these opportunities. 

Below I will outline a few things to always consider when running a business that interacts with public on such an intimate level. Even if you are not dealing with the fallout of negative reviews (fake or not) it is very wise to keep a close eye on your online reputation. If you do find yourself in such a situation you should consult an expert who specializes in reputation management for cannabis brands and cannabis public relations.

What you do online DOES stay online

The old adage “what happens  in Vegas stays in Vegas” certainly does NOT apply here! Although it may seem that with all the noise on the internet, a little mess up here and there would slip through the cracks of the ether… It is actually the contrary. Nearly everything you have posted is archived somewhere on the net and it doesn’t take much to dig up the bones. 

This should serve as a good reminder to think twice before responding emotionally to a troll on your local Rant & Rave page when they trigger your politics. This relates to the cannabis industry especially due to the polar social views and stigmas still present in society.

Terrible things happen to great folks

Last year a client of ours came to us in distress. He was on the bleeding edge of the legalization movement in his area and also a prominent member of his small community. He was transitioning into the cannabis business and had been dealing with various social implications of his new career path. One day an opposer dug up some police records of a criminal with the same name as our client. You can guess what happened next. He had a slough of fake bad reviews hit his Google My Business, Weedmaps and several other review profiles. They were stating he was the man that did these horrible crimes. Lucky for him he had specialists (us) in reputation management for cannabis brands and we were able to push those we couldn’t get removed- off the first page. He was able to overcome the negative press. Had his real online reputation been at all questionable, it would have been much more difficult to fix  this attack.

Keep Your Passwords Private!!!!

Stop using your birthday as a password. Hackers have become incredibly efficient at breaking into devices and stealing information. It is very easy for a motivated hacker to ruin your entire online reputation in as little as 5 minutes. Use the autosuggest password features on your devices, and keep the passwords safe and private!

If you are a victim of an attack on your brand or just want to get a leg up on building your online reputation, don’t hesitate to contact Doja Marketing, your experts in reputation management for cannabis brands!

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