5 Marketing Tips For Dispensaries

//5 Marketing Tips For Dispensaries

5 Marketing Tips For Dispensaries

Here at Doja, we know marketing a dispensary can be a tough go. Although legal in many places, the major advertising platforms still will not allow marijuana businesses to be featured on their networks. While there are some sneaky ways around this (which we will cover in a later post), the ads generally do not perform well. This is expected, as the ads are optimized for approval, instead of CTR and engagement.

Luckily there are many other methods of promoting your cannabis business without having to ‘dance’ with these corporate giants.

In this post we will cover 5 simple marketing tips for dispensaries that are guaranteed to increase your online marketing efforts… For free!

1. Create Local Facebook Group For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Nearly all of the best Facebook groups are administered by a business or service provider. It is a great way to build trust and authority without actively hard selling your product or services. This is a place to share fun facts, memes, and news about marijuana but also where you can provide answers to the public’s questions about cannabis.

There is so much misinformation and propaganda out there regarding marijuana use, and if you can be the one to educate your local market, you will find yourself as the ‘go-to’ authority in your area. This will convert into loyal customers- Guaranteed.

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 2. Regular Blog And Social Media Content

We have all heard the adage “content is king”, but why?

This seems like an obvious point to make, but I’d like to go a bit more in-depth as to why it is so important to have a consistent presence on social media and a solid content creation/ distribution plan.

Google loves to see websites producing regular, relevant content. This shows that a business cares about engaging their audience, and is focused on providing valuable information to their customers pain points. Furthermore, another main factor for ranking is the time that a visitor spends on a site. If someone finds your website, but only spends 20 seconds before leaving; Google will assume they did not find what they were looking for, and you will slowly fall down the search engine rankings. Having valuable content will keep visitors engaged on your website, and establish authority and relevance to the search engines.

Bloggin' imageEach blog post should target a keyword, and the body of the article should support that. Within the article there should be a link to your homepage, as well as a link or two from a high authority site like wikipedia or a large media publication. An example would be the following:

“…It is important to install tracking pixels and analytics on your website to monitor how much traffic you are getting, and where it is coming from.”

You should also always include a Youtube video embed into the blog post. Youtube is a very high authority site that is owned by Google, and a video embed from a strong channel will help index the post quicker as well as give the post a little extra link juice.

Don’t forget to make use of the title, H1, H2, and H3 tag formatting features in your posts. You can find more information on crafting professional articles HERE.

If you would like help crafting a content plan and writing articles, drop us a line!

3. Syndicate Social Media And Web 2.0 Accounts

You are all fired up, and planning on implementing these tips, but by this point you are realizing the time it will take to manage all of this…

You will not only be running your business, but also now managing a FB group, overseeing/writing content, and sharing this content across your social networks and web 2.0 properties.

There is a free solution to this- it is called “IFTTT” (If This, Than That)

IFTTT is a simple web based application in which you can create ‘recipes’ that trigger different events. Example: If you post a WordPress Blog, it will automatically share to FB.

The potential in this basic program is boundless.

Granted there is a bit of a technical process to setting up your syndicated network, once it is in place you are only one click away from casting your content across all of your online properties.

We will be covering IFTTT setup in a later post, but you can find an amazing paid course here from the folks at Semantic Mastery. 

If you would like help setting up your network, reach out!

4. Facebook Live

Very few businesses are utilizing FB live as the powerful marketing tool it is.

When a profile is “live”, FB prioritizes the video in follower’s feeds. Until the launch of FB live, the only way to reach out to your whole list of followers was to ‘boost’ or ‘sponsor’ posts. This was obviously a problem as cannabis businesses are not allowed to advertise!

By simply running a FB live video of a staff member sharing your latest promotion etc, you will reach many more people than just making a regular post to your page.

You can take this a step further, although it may end up being against FB terms or service once they catch on…

We have run several successful campaigns for clients on FB live by using live streaming software like ‘OBS’ or ‘WireCast”

OBS is a free program that makes it possible to stream pre recorded material live, or to real-time edit multi-camera live streams.

We often will livestream a slideshow of promotions and gallery photos on a loop for hours at a time, generating hundreds (even thousands) of views and traffic within a short period of time.

***We do not recommend streaming from your business’s profile, as this is somewhat of a ‘grey’ area, and rules could change in the future resulting in some sort of penalization***

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5. Engage The Local Scene By Sponsoring Events And Charities

Getting involved on a community level does wonders for destigmatizing cannabis to the general public. Many people still picture tied-dyed shirts, and Cheech & Chong when they think of marijuana, and the thought of ‘that culture’ encroaching into their lives is threatening.

Aligning with some good charities in your area, and throwing events to raise money for them is a very good show of character. It will also allow your name to be advertised across all platforms and expose your brand to a huge market untapped by the Cannabis Industry.

One of the coolest little gestures I have seen is by a dispensary here on Vancouver Island.

The shop only accepts cash, and they have an ATM machine on site…

100% of every $2 withdrawal fee goes straight to a local charity.

This was such an easy thing to implement, and in my opinion really sets them apart from the competing dispensaries in the area.


I hope you enjoyed these tips. Please feel free to share this article, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about any of this stuff.

If you are interested in what a strong internet presence can do, we are happy to offer you an audit and customized step-by-step blueprint of what you need to double your revenue- FREE

Just fill out our Discovery Form, and we will deliver the report to your inbox within 24 hours!

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