What makes a Good Cannabis Press Release?

//What makes a Good Cannabis Press Release?
what makes a good cannabis press release?

One of the most effective methods of getting word out about your news or promotion is the good ‘ol trusty press release. This is most often a 200-400 word piece of written content which gives a synopsis of a launch, event or promotion a business is marketing.

The idea is to craft a press release that will grab a blogger or journalist’s attention and inspire them to feature your business on their media outlet.

Press releases are often used by search engine optimizers to diversify a websites backlink profile but generally speaking they offer the chance for a cannabis public relations specialist to reach hundreds of active journalists that are always on the lookout for a new story. They also can be an effective way of promoting an event, especially if it is attached to a non-profit charity. Lastly, a press release is great for brand awareness. Even if one particular story doesn’t get picked up by any journalists, they will have still seen your brand. Maybe they will feature your next release? In addition, thousands of social media marketers browse these newswire feeds to pick up content.

Clarity and flawless delivery is what makes a good cannabis press release

cannabis press release

When crafting a press release for the cannabis industry always try and tie into some sort of current event or topical relevance. It makes it far more likely a media outlet will pick up your story. In our tests, we have found press releases with an educational/ cannabis awareness tone have done well whereas ones about a new line of extracts or CBD for sale don’t tend to do as well. On a more extreme note, a press release about a new line of bongs for sale most likely won’t even be accepted into syndication.

Write your press release always in third person and get straight to the point. That said, it is very important to do so as if you are delivering breaking news! The goal is instil curiosity in the reader and inspire them to follow up with you further. That’s what makes a good cannabis press release!

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